Mother's Day!


A big heartfelt thank you to the selfless women who sacrifice their needs every single day to raise the next generation...

-pregnant moms

-moms recovering from labor and delivery

-moms who had a traumatic birth

-moms with PTSD

-the new mom finding her way in the fourth trimester

-NICU moms

-moms of multiples

-moms of children with special needs

-moms of toddlers

-moms managing teenagers

-single moms

-teen moms

-those struggling to conceive

-IVF moms

-moms who have experienced loss

-surrogate moms

-moms who have experienced adoption

-moms grieving an unplanned pregnancy

-moms working inside the home 

-moms working outside the home

-moms trying to find work/life balance

-moms facing challenges with maternal mental health

-moms who are suffering in silence with PMAD

-moms working hard to overcome PMAD

-moms without support

-the formula feeding moms

-the pumping moms

-the breastfeeding moms


-sick moms

-moms in heaven

Regardless of where you find yourself in your journey, we all have our challenges and our triumphs. The mothering profession is fiercely overlooked and undervalued, but please know that I am here cheering you on!!!


WIth love,


The Village Doula GR